• We continue our opposition till we get victory

    The Security Guards are gathered on the streets to prevent bus drivers turn off the light buses. But drivers this morning for supporting the Unions and opposition of police they run the buses with head lights slowly moving across the road. They want to show …

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Editorial Choice:

Death of a notorious torturer, Hassan Shayanfar

Hassan Shayanfar the number 2 man of Kayhan(1) died away. The Houris of the hell have been waiting for this draft entity since years ago. There were thousands of torture, false articles and rapes and murders in the records file of this so called “defender …

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Yarsans also have staged protests

Insulting and affronting the Yarsan Kurds continues. Kurdia Agency: Insulting and affronting the Yarsan Kurds continues. Since last winter up to today the level and extent of insulting and affronting Yarsan Kurds by the institutions and organizations of the Islamic republic of Iran have unprecedentedly …

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