Death of a notorious torturer, Hassan Shayanfar

Hassan Shayanfar the number 2 man of Kayhan(1) died away.


The Houris of the hell have been waiting for this draft entity since years ago. There were thousands of torture, false articles and rapes and murders in the records file of this so called “defender of the shrine”. He and Hosein Shari’atmadari and the other managers of The Kayhan Newspaper were the agent and operator of hundreds of torture and mass killing and illness making and forced repentant under physical and sexual and mental tortures. All of them are the thieves of the people’s properties in Damavand and Firoozkooh. On the orders of Khamenei they created false files against a majority of freedom fighters and freedom lovers. They are responsible for ruining thousands of families. One of their jobs in Khomeini regime was the project of pressure against the leaders of political parties in order to get confessions from them under various pressures and using psychotropic drugs and killing their characters and then destroying them. To know more about the details visit Reza Malek and his Facebook page.

(1) The Kayhan, name of the newspaper