Political prisoners support the Iranian new labor movement


A group of political prisoners in Gohardasht prison on Wednesday 16th of November 2016 in a statement expressed their solidarity with teachers, workers, students and all compatriots who are tired of their condition. In this statement, it is written: oh movement of freedom, oh path-seekers of life, solidarity….solidarity. The righteous cry and voice of protest and honorable resistance of you workers, teachers, and students of our country from Baharestan square broke the blockage of the security forces and passed Karaj highway and passed through the walls and fences of Gohardasht prison and resonated in our meeting hall! The determined faces and cries and the rise of our compatriots who demanded their stolen rights and assets and demanded the freedom of political prisoners who belong to people appeared in front of our eyes. We are proud of and take honor on your righteous courage, and bravery. Hello to your honesty and your union and solidarity and tireless wills!


We are in a circumstance that there is no ear to hear or court to refer in order to prevent looting of teachers’ funds, huge salaries, anti-worker amendments, and ruthless slavery-like labor law and numerous discriminations against teachers. Nobody can resist the looters and plunderers! But when the noblest people of the society demand their violated rights with the slogan “livelihood and respect is our inalienable right” they are ruthlessly attacked by the regime’s forces. These are the miracles of the government of hope and wisdom!!! Wisdom to suppress the teachers and hope for plunderer thieves! We, political prisoners of Karaj Gohardasht prison expressing our support and solidarity with teachers and workers and students and all our tired compatriots say that for a political prison no gift is better than hearing the cries of righteous demands for which he is imprisoned from behind the walls of the prison. The same rights which people are deprived of for the benefit of plunderer dominants and rent seeking parasitic entities related to the regime. Long live and strong be the solidarity of workers, teachers, and students! 16th of November, Gohardasht prison, Abolghasem Fouladvand, Reza Akbari Monfared, Sa’id Mansouri, Mohammad Ali Mansouri, Saleh Kohandel, Ali Mo’ezzi, Khaled Hardani, Hassan Sadeghi, Shahin Zoghitabar, Mehdi Farahi Shandiz, Jaber Abedini, Ebrahim Firouzi.
Rajai-Shahr prison of Karaj