Yarsans also have staged protests

Insulting and affronting the Yarsan Kurds continues.

Kurdia Agency: Insulting and affronting the Yarsan Kurds continues. Since last winter up to today the level and extent of insulting and affronting Yarsan Kurds by the institutions and organizations of the Islamic republic of Iran have unprecedentedly increased.

According to the reports received by Kurdia News Agency, in addition to tolerating discriminations and widespread oppressions because of being Kurd, they suffer additional misery from the ideological Islamic regime because of their religious beliefs. Sofia-shenasi “Sophia-Study” website on Sunday, November 13, 2016 published photos from congratulation messages of “Khavankar” celebrations in Kermanshan province and in a report insulted and affronted the followers of Yarsan religion and addressed them with insulting and unsuitable words.

This site which was created aiming destruction and creating a poisoned atmosphere of propaganda against non-Islamic religions or sects which do not believe in the absolute governance of the jurist, agitates the people’s emotions by releasing unreal news and distorting the facts. This site in this report warns the authorities to increase the limitations over the followers of Yarsan religion and refrain from any kind of interactions and talks with them.

image: khabargar.co
image: khabargar.co

It is worth mentioning that the period of fasting of the followers of Yarsan is from 12th to 14th of November and the last day of this religious ritual is famous as Khavankar celebrations. On this day in addition to Yarsan Kurds other Kurds from different religions and rituals by going to homes of the chiefs of this religion or their Yarsan friends or by publishing congratulation messages in local journals and by installing placards and billboards try to express their deep feelings to this ancient religion of Kurds.

Kermanshan province as the biggest center of presence of the followers of Yarsan and also because of numerous holy places of this religion has always been the target of fascist plots of totalitarian governments of Iran in order to create schism among Shiite and Sunni and Yarsan Kurds and prevent the spread of national-democratic movements of Kurdistan.